EarthenTM Moisturizers and Eye Creams

InstantPeelTM Natural Exfoliant — The At-Home Facial Peel

Glowing, luminous skin is the essential foundation for looking your best. Welcome to the EarthenTM line of facial treatment products: at-home facial peel, moisturizers, and eye creams. Smooth and radiant skin begins at home with InstantPeel's "Peel and Reveal" followed by targeted moisturizing. Discover the revolutionary products that have converted beauty editors and legions of women, men, and teenagers into passionate fans.

  • InstantPeelTM

    — This natural exfoliant is your at-home facial peel for removing dead skin cells. Tests show that InstantPeel greatly improves skin's texture and radiance without the harshness often associated with chemicals. Safe for even the most sensitive skin.
  • Instant CelluMoist and Instant Peptide Moisturizers

    — Earthen's moisturizers are specifically designed to refine and nourish each skin type. Use Instant CelluMoist for normal to dry skin and Instant Peptide for oily skin
  • Clear #1 and Clear #2 Eye Creams

    — Improve and protect the delicate skin around your eyes with Earthen eye creams. Combat the appearance of dark circles with Clear #1 with HaloxylTM, reduce the look of puffiness with Clear #2 with EyelissTM.

Discover the professional quality facial treatment line that delivers softer and younger-looking skin in just minutes. Discover Earthen.

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