Instant PeelTM

Get a Radiant, Baby-Soft Complexion in 7 Minutes
InstantPeelTM Natural Skin Peel Visibly Removes Dead Skin Cells While You Shower

Instant Peel Box

Created as a natural alternative to glycolic acid peels and dermabrasion, InstantPeel's combination of proteins and enzymes naturally and gently peels away dead skin cells impurities. But unlike most chemical skin peels and facial scrubs, InstantPeelTM is sensitization-tested and proven safe for even the most delicate skin.

InstantPeel does just what the name implies: it peels off dead skin cells revealing baby-soft skin.

But the real proof is right at your fingertips: InstantPeel is so easy to use. The skin peel action starts within seconds of application.

Hypoallergenic; dermatologist-tested. For use on face and body by women, men, and teenagers.

"InstantPeel really works. I was leary when I saw the little packets, but after giving it a try, InstantPeel delivers. This natural skin peel really removes dead skin and leaves your skin soft and smooth INSTANTLY. It left my skin feeling great."

M.F., Chicago, Illinois

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